Why Choose Elite Pet Services

What We Have To Offer

  • Fully Insured.
  • DBS checked.
  • Very experienced.
  • Reliable, caring and friendly staff.
  • Discount for second and subsequent dogs.
  • Regular or one off walks catered for and last minute bookings catered for.
  • Updates by text for new clients and photos regularly loaded onto our group page on Facebook.
  • One to one and up to four group walks a day.
  • Puppy visits catered for until your new friend is old enough to join one of our group walks for puppies from 8 weeks old until 6 months.
  • Live in holiday care for your pets.
  • Day Home Boarding for Puppies up to 9 months (Half a day) and Day Home Boarding for older dogs (Full Day) Subject to availability and after two visits to ensure your dog is suitable for this service and happy. (No uncastrated males accepted after 9 months or un spayed bitches from 7 months.)Obviously we don’t want you to castrate or spay your dogs too soon but we have to balance the safety of all dogs in our care. Therefore we can’t accept dogs over 9 months for Day Home Boarding or bitches over 7 months. We are happy to offer other services until they are old enough and obviously work with the local vets recommendations regarding this.We can only accept a maximum of 3 dogs at any one time in our Home.

    Includes two walks and lots of well managed socialisation and cuddles.

  • Cats and small animal feeding service-Happy to turn on lights get post and water plants as well.
  • Free no obligation initial consultation.
  • Pet Taxi services available.