Mote Park

We generally use the School Lane entrance as we can park next to the Mencap centre.
Large open fields away from children’s playing areas and away from the lake.
Safe to load and unload at this location.

Dog Walking Guidelines

  • Firstly remember this should be a fun relaxed way to increase your bond with your dog
  • Puppies especially large breed dogs remember DONT over exercise Tempting as it might be it can seriously damage their joints
  • Rule of thumb
  • 5 minutes exercise per month of life So at 8 weeks old maximum 10 minutes
  • Large breed dogs especially shouldn’t be walked in excess of recommended walking times
    as this can easily damage their developing joints
  • Don’t be afraid to let off the lead
  • Carry high value treats and practice calling your puppy back using their name and rewarding with high value treats and a big fuss, if necessary use a 5 meter training line as extra security while establishing a solid recall
  • When their recall is more reliable reduced their treats on recall
  • Never allow your dog to run up to any dog on a lead
  • There maybe a reason as to why the dogs on a lead which may put your dog at risk when approaching this dog which is why a solid recall is so important
  • Never allow your dog to chase wildlife or sheep, if you think sheep maybe in an approaching field put you dog on a lead
  • If your Walking through a field and come across cattle try not to alarm them or make them feel threatened
  • If they become agitated leave the field as quickly as possible, if necessary run and if your dog is off lead encourage them to stay with you but remember they can run faster than you and can get away from agitated cattle quicker than you can and cattle can kill you!
  • In hot weather decrease your dogs walking time at lunchtime, maybe do a bigger walk early morning or later in the evening, try to find Shady wooded areas to walk in and carry some water with you
  • Don’t play any ballgames in hot weather, dogs can’t sweat like us to reduce their body temperature and can easily overheat
  • Also pavement walks in hot weather can burn your dogs pads, if it feels too hot for your hand then it’s too hot for your dog
  • Equally in cold weather dogs especially those with thin or one coat and not double coated dogs can feel the cold when the temperature drops
  • Make your walks fun…
  • Play find it with toys or hide and let your dog find you, they love this especially working breeds
  • Play ball or practice training in the park; after all this is where you want your training to pay off so practice at the park as it tests how well your doing and shows what you need to work on!
  • Talk to your dog they absolutely love it when you communicate in a positive way, also don’t be afraid to use a stern voice when your dog isn’t listening
  • Most of all have fun and stay safe!

Mote Park

Mote Park 2

Mote Park 3

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