Training Tips


Keep training short and always end on a positive.
Maximum 10 minutes a day to begin with and slowly increase this as your puppy grows.
Always reinforce in a positive way but don’t be afraid to correct immediately any unwanted behaviour, for example jumping up or barking.
It’s much easier to correct at the beginning of your Puppies life than later on when they’re fully grown.
Consider clicker training or use a verbal marker.. these are excellent ways of immediately letting your puppy know they have got it right or wrong.
Practice at home at first to build your confidence, then try incorporating your training when out walking.
Enrol in a good training class!
I believe in using only highly recommended trainers with the right experience for your dog breed and your personal experience and lifestyle.
I work with Kevin Sanderson with my dogs as he has huge experience with German Shepherds particularly and offers obedience classes incorporating agility.
You can find him @
I would also recommend ABC for dogs run by Adrian Kollnberger.
He is located at Chattenden near Rochester and worked alongside Kevin as a police dog handler before retiring and starting his training school.
He is highly qualified and offers a wide variety of disciplines.
I would also recommend run by Sam Grice.
She has worked for Guide Dogs for the blind and has many years training experience.
She offers real life classes that can be very useful for some dogs.

Older Dogs

As dogs get older they sometimes develop bad habits which can be troublesome for their owners and may need the help of a qualified behaviourist to correct.
I believe it’s important to continue training throughout your dogs life.
It strengthens your bond and ensures your dog continues to behave correctly into their twilight years, plus it keeps your dog mentally and physically young.

When choosing a training class try to choose a class that allows your dogs natural instincts to be harnessed and always choose a trainer that doesn’t put too much pressure on a shy or nervous dog.
Never ever use any physical force to get your dog to do as you ask.. if your trainer does then find another one!

I am happy to offer advice and one to one assistance especially with puppies and also offer Day Home Boarding for puppies and older dogs which allows you to have a dog and work without worrying about leaving your new friend home alone.. puppies greatly benefit from coming to me as I have vast experience with them and can gently build their confidence around other dogs in a safe well managed environment.