Terms & Conditions

Dog Walking Terms and Conditions

I reserve the right to refuse to walk any dogs that are disruptive to the pack and may recommend that they are walked individually instead, if it’s in the best interest of that dog and other dogs or people around it. For example: Aggressive dogs, young dogs in training, un-castrated males or bitches in season. (Subject to availability)

I ask that your dog is up to date with its vaccinations and recommend that they are vaccinated for kennel cough.

I also require your dog to wear an identity tag in case they are lost with up to date details on it.

I carry tags with my details on to attach whilst your dog is in my care.

In the case of extreme circumstances beyond my control, for example: If I was involved in a road traffic accident or family trauma. I reserve the right not to give notice to cover your dog walk and would not be required to compensate you in any way, but would contact as soon as possible to advise you and keep you fully informed of my availability.

I require 24 hours notice to cancel any bookings, so if you have a lunchtime walk booked you would need to let me know before 11am the day before otherwise you will be charged. If it is a morning walk then before 7am the day before and an evening walk before 4.30pm the day before.

I ask that you give me a week’s notice if you don’t require your normal slots for example if you’re going to be on holiday otherwise I will charge you for that time that you are away.

I will give you four week’s notice if I am going to be unavailable to enable you to get cover for your dog.

Except for extreme circumstances.

I ask that you keep me informed of anything that may affect your dog’s behaviour or ability to be walked and I will update you if there is anything of concern.

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