Half a day Home Boarding

Half a day Home Boarding for Puppies up to the age of 9 months old

I specialise in bringing on puppies as I have huge experience in helping them in their early journey in life.

I understand how difficult it is to have a new puppy, having the commitment of working more than 4 hours a day as well as juggling the needs of your new family member.

Most dog walking businesses either offer puppy visits or full Day Home Boarding.

Puppies obviously need regular visits to allow them to toilet train, feed etc however they also need to learn that it’s ok to be left alone to rest, play and explore.

If you have to work 4 hours or more, you don’t necessarily need a full 8 hours of Day Home Boarding but don’t want your new family member left on their own until a walker comes for a visit…why not consider Half a Day Home Boarding.

We pick up about 10.30 am.

Offer your puppy the opportunity to relieve themselves then they spend the next 4 hours with us, learning how to interact with other dogs, encouraging toileting habits, correcting unwanted behaviour, giving all important lunch!! Then finally dropping a very tired puppy back home ready to tell you how busy they have been.

If you’re interested please give me a call.

Prices start at £19.00 for up to 4 hours care plus travelling expenses if outside our catchment area weekdays.

Weekends and Bank Holidays start at £24.00 plus travel expenses outside our catchment area.

Additional hours charged at £5.00 per hour or part thereof.

All dogs MUST be FULLY vaccinated and covered for Bordetella (Kennel Cough).

Maximum age for this service is 9 Months

Dogs must be castrated after this age and will only be accepted for Full Day Home Boarding after castration and Bitches must be spayed and only accepted until the age of 7 month’s until spayed and will then only be accepted for Full Day Home Boarding.

(Obviously we don’t want you to castrate or spay your dogs too soon but we have to balance the safety of all dogs in our care .Therefore we can’t accept dogs over 9 months for Day Home Boarding or bitches over 7 months. We are happy to offer other services until they are old enough and obviously work with the local vets recommendations regarding this.)

All dogs must attend two consultation visits one with Mum and Dad and the second visit alone.

The second visit will be charged at normal rates.