Price List

Price List Dog Walking

Charges apply to Bearsted and Grove Green, Penenden Heath and Downswood. Please ask for a price if you live outside these areas.


Group Walk: (Max 6 dogs per handler minimum 2 dogs) £11.00 for 45 minutes per dog.

Second and subsequent dogs from same household £2.00 discount. (Please note 2 dogs only from same household without any other dogs will not be classed as a group walk and will need to be charged as an individual walk, see prices below)


Individual walk: One to one or dogs from the same household.

£15.00 for 30 mins per dog.

Second and subsequent dogs half price.

Individual walk: One to one or dogs from the same household.

£21 for 45 mins per dog.

Second and subsequent dogs half price.

Individual walk: One to one or dogs from the same household.

£26 for one hour per dog

Second and subsequent dogs half price.

Puppy visit’s (Toilet, Water and Play) approx 15 mins
£8 per dog.

Second and subsequent dogs half price.


Cats feed and check: £8.00 per visit.

Pet Sitting and Day care, Prices available upon enquiry.

Please note I don’t charge for your initial consultation but do require 24 hours notice to cancel any bookings for Dog Walking or Cat feeding.

I am available 7 days a week including Bank holidays except Christmas and Boxing Day.

Payment is Cash, Cheque or direct transfer into my account. Please make cheques payable to Andrea Sandhu or Elite Pet Services. Bank details available on request.

Any walks undertaken before 7.00am and after 6pm will incur an additional charge of £5.00 for the first dog and half price for second and subsequent dogs.

Price List for Daycare and Pet Sitting

Daycare for your dogs:

I offer Day care which includes an early morning and lunchtime walk.

Day care is first come first served and subject to availability

Prices for Day care are £25.00 for 8 hours Monday to Friday.

Weekend Day care start at £30.00. for 8 hours.

Dogs can be dropped off from 8.00am and collected up to 6.00pm.

Additional charges apply before and after these times and if you exceed 8 hours.

£5.00 per hour or part thereof before 7.30am and after 6.00pm and exceeding 8 hours.

If your dog needs caring for before 8.00am due to work commitments I am happy to collect your dog at an additional charge and also deliver your dog after 6pm.

Dogs being delivered after 6pm will also be walked which will incur an additional walking charge.

(See walking charges price list)

Bank Holidays charged at £30.00 for 8 hours care. Over 8 hours is charged at an additional £5.00 per hour.

ALL dogs must be fully vaccinated (copy of certificate required) including Kennel Cough.

Please read terms and conditions regarding dog walking, these also apply to Day care clients.

Please note we are unable to accept any un castrated males over the age of 6 months for Day care or bitches in season at any age.

Bank Holidays Charged at £35.00 Full Day care up to 8 hours-over 8 hours each additional hour charged at £5.00 per hour.

Part Day care is designed for Puppies up to the age of 9 months; After 9 months dogs must revert to either full Day care (subject to availability) or walks. Dogs over the age of 6 months maybe refused if they haven’t been castrated as this can cause problems with other males.

Part Day care is for up to 4 Hours of care including one walk and lots of well managed socialisation.

Weekdays charged at £19.00 up to 4 hours care over 4 hours charged at an additional £5.00 per hour.

Weekends charged at £24.00 up to 4 hours care over 4 hours charged at an additional £5.00 per hour.

Additional charges for collection and delivery outside our catchment area and dogs may need to be dropped slightly earlier to prevent additional charges being incurred.

Bank Holidays charged at £24.00 up to 4 hours care, additional hours charged at £5.00 per hour.


Petstting Charges:

Weekdays £35.00 per 24 hours inside our catchment area including 3 walks and overnight stay at your house for the first dog, additional dogs charged at £20.00 per 24 hours per dog up to 3 additional dogs any additional dogs over four dogs charged at £10.00 per 24 hours or part there-of.

Weekends £40.00 per 24 hours inside our catchment area for the first dog, £20.00 per dog up to an additional 3 extra dogs and £10.00 per dog over and above four dogs per 24 hours or part- there of.

Additional charges may apply outside our catchment area.

Bank Holidays charged as per weekend charges.


Overnight Boarding Charges: (no home boarding until we are fully licensed)

As per Pet sitting charges above;

Dogs will need to undergo a two night trial before being accepted for a longer stay and will only be accepted for a holiday once we are Happy that this is the best solution for your dog and our dogs as sometimes unsettled dogs may upset our dogs… The welfare of our dogs at home is our priority as it is their home and therefore if your dog is very unsettled then that will impact on our boys and therefore we will deem your dog unsuitable for home boarding,

Any dogs that appear anxious, nervous, aggressive, or unhappy WILL NOT be accepted for overnight home boarding and we will advise that in your dogs best interests they are boarded overnight at their home address..

We are happy to discuss all options with you but with our vast experience we will only accept dogs for Boarding that are settled and happy outside their normal environment.

We feel it would be truly unprofessional to do anything else and would rather turn work away than have unhappy dogs in our care.

We understand that many of our clients think they are doing the best for their dogs arranging Home Boarding for them whilst they’re on holiday… however for some dogs this can be the worst option.. especially if they have separation anxiety, resource guarding or other complex issues… some dogs are just happier in their own environment even if it means spending longer alone during the day… We’re happy to discuss all options with you to come to the best solution for you and your beloved friend.


Pet Sitting for your pets:

Pet Sitting starts at £35.00 per night for Bearsted, Grove Green, Vinters Park Penenden Heath and Downswood

Other areas subject to additional charges.

This charge applies to each household for example if two dogs from separate households are being pet sat at one property the charge applies to each owner, if one owner has more than one dog the first dog pays £35.00 then the second and subsequent dogs pay £20.00 per dog per night.

To secure a booking a 25% deposit is required, this is refundable up to 7 days prior to that booking date if you cancel after the 7 days prior to the booking date I do not offer a refund under any circumstances.

Each dog will be taken on three walks daily for approximately 45 minutes.. subject to their health which I will discuss with you at your initial consultation.

The dogs need to be happy to be left up to 4 hours between walks as I have other dogs that need walking in between and may not be able to take your dog with other dogs for various reasons but where possible would only leave them for a maximum of 3 hours.

I will run through each dogs routine prior to your booking and try to keep everything as normal as possible reducing your dogs stress at your absence.

Please ensure you supply an emergency contact while your away that I can call in the event of a life threatening condition.

If your dog becomes unwell I will use my discretion to assess if they require veterinary treatment.

If the condition isn’t caused as a result of something I have done then I would expect full payment of any costs upon collection of your dog and would of course keep you fully informed.

If an accident has occurred that could have been prevented then I would pass this to my insurance company to cover and pay all costs at the time of the incident.